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Can someone please tell me why the hell I can’t woo Thane as a man? Like, seriously. He just told Shepard that he’s the first friend he’s made in years and it’s like bb NOOO let me hug your stupid assassin butt.

But let’s be real here—the fact that you can’t play male-shep gay until three is fucking ridiculous. I mean, at least they corrected it in three. But there are SO MANY GOOD OPENINGS. The chat with Garrus and Thane (about fighting and tongues) should open up romance options for male-shep just as it should for femshep. But no—no—you know what the option is for Thane with dudeshep? “That’s more than I wanted to know.”

DUDE WHAT. Can we just less no-homo for TWO SECONDS.

Anyway. At least Kaidan loves Shep, and that’s really fucking obvious. I don’t know about ME1 (having not played it—it’s hard to go backwards, y’all), but the little Alenko we got in ME2 makes it really obvious where his heart lies.

This has been a boo no-homo rant.

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  1. t-jumblr said: Yeah, the whole “no-homo” thing in ME2 was really annoying. My Shep was a lesbian and proud, damn it. Jack is CANON BISEXUAL. I mean, damn.
  2. pixlmatic said: He totes love Shep in ME1. Bonus:…
  3. aboutthosenineyears said: i completely feel u. (and jack for femshep pls). and also add PLS PLAY ME1 it is really hard to go backwards and the combat is not great but oh mannnn i can’t even tell you how many EMOTIONS you are missing out on. god those games. THOSE GAMES.
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