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…I’m actually fairly convinced I’m getting SADD up here. I need the fucking sun. I am so fucking tired all the time. I have very little desire to do anything but sleep. I’m just really done. And being in this soul-sucking job with my crazy boss staring over our shoulders… with no outlet, I’m just like…

Remember when I DID things? When I was like, inVOLVed with things and cared about stuff?

Yeah. I remember that. Now all I can think is how boring I am and untalented and undedicated. I’m convinced the boy I’m talking to is going to find out just how boring I am and hit the high road ASAP. And I haven’t had the fan-fiction blues in awhile, but I have them again this month. IDK. W/E. I’m just done with December. Christmas has no joy for me right now, and it’s my favorite holiday.

I’m just really fucking tired. And like—EVERY DAY there is supposed to be sun? I’M AT WORK. Every day it’s supposed to be cloudy and miserable? I’M OFF OF WORK. WTF is this SHIT.

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  1. pixlmatic said: Grab a light for light therapy. Seriously. Californians and Floridians get all kinds of fucked up when we move to gloomier climes. If you’re feeling too down to look for an affordable one, I can help you dude
  2. singerofsimplesongs said: Liann have you gotten the present I sent you yet because if you did you can open it early if you want. It might cheer you up a little. *hug* I hope you feel better.
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